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Terms & conditions of Ca Sander Holiday Apartment, Via Danilo Veronesi 48, Caprino Veronese, VR 37013, Italy


§ 1. Contract and payment


The contract between the tenant and landlord is concluded as soon as the payment has been completed and confirmed via the booking calendar / booking partner.



§ 2. Additional costs


The additional costs such as electricity, heating, gas, etc. are included in the rental price. Additional costs not included in the rental price will be settled at the end of the period and must be paid before departure.

State taxes such as visitor's tax are already calculated when booking and are therefore included in the rental price.



§ 3. Handover of the rental property; Complaints


The rental property is handed over to the tenant in a clean and contractual condition. If there are any defects or the inventory is incomplete at the time of handover, the tenant must notify the landlord of this immediately. Otherwise the rental property is deemed to have been handed over in perfect condition.



§ 4. Careful use


The tenant undertakes to use the rental property with care, to adhere to the house rules and to show consideration for neighbours. The landlord must be informed immediately of any damage. The rental property may only be occupied by the number of people listed in the contract. Subletting is not allowed. The tenant has to ensure that the roommates fulfill the obligations of this contract. If the tenant or the roommates violates the obligations of careful use in a blatant way or if the house is occupied by more than the contractually agreed number of people, the landlord can terminate the contract without notice and dissolve it without compensation.



§ 5. Return of the rental property


The rental property is to be returned in good condition including inventory on time. The tenant is liable to pay compensation for damage or missing inventory.



§ 6. Cancellations


You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 21 days before check-in. The full amount will be refunded. In the event of cancellation after the 21st day or in the event of no-show, the entire amount will be retained.



§ 7. Amendments


There are no costs for changes to your booking up to 21 days before check-in.



§ 8. Unforeseen circumstances


In case unforeseen or unavoidable events prevent the rental or its continuation, the landlord is entitled (but not obliged) to offer the tenant an equivalent replacement property, excluding claims for compensation. If the service cannot be provided or cannot be provided in full, the paid or the corresponding portion will be reimbursed to the exclusion of further agreements.



§ 9. Liability


The landlord is responsible for a proper reservation and fulfilment of the contract in accordance with the contract.

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