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We are neither a spa nor a boot camp and we are not about juice fasting, torture or weight loss. Our philosophy is holistic. Our 4-day health and fitness programme is a modern twist on the traditional detox vacation. We are a retreat for a healthy lifestyle. Our programme focuses more on what you can gain than on deprivation and limitations. We're just encouraging you to take a break from certain things. When you become aware that certain things are doing you more harm than good, it can lead you to give them up.

Schwimmen im Gardasee - Ca'Sander Energy Reset

A new understanding means that you treat yourself more carefully, become more self-confident and can enjoy life with less stress. We'll show you what foods give you energy, how to move your body and what will restore an uplifting sense of well-being and calm to your overworked mind and system.

body & mind

We arrange our appointments individually with our participants, but our programme usually takes place from Thursday to Sunday and the number of participants is limited to 6 people. You live with the other participants in the beautiful townhouse Ca Sander in Caprino Veronese on Lake Garda. All meals, snacks and freshly squeezed juices, accommodation, activities and massages are included.


The special location of Ca Sander brings unexpected advantages: a hike up Monte Baldo with a view of Lake Garda will not only improve your fitness, but also slow you down. Experience the healing powers of nature by simply being active and spending time outdoors. We offer you the opportunity to make long-term changes to your lifestyle and take more care of yourself.



During your time with us, you will quickly feel more energetic, relaxed and more productive. We will equip you with knowledge that you can take home with you and integrate into your everyday life without any problems.

Detox Programm am Gardasee in Ca'Sander Energy Reset


Would you like to wake up energised in the mornings, feel rested & fit and ready to tackle the day? Are you running a large company, raising small children, recovering from an illness, or is it all just too much for you right now? Or are you at a crossroads in your life where you realize that it is time for you to take responsibility for your health and well-being?


Whatever your reasons, you are well on your way to becoming the best, healthiest version of yourself.


We can't promise anything but we'll try to help you take back control of your body, your health and your well-being.



During our programme, you will change your eating habits, take a break from your cell phone and computer, hike many miles, discover new levels of self-discipline, and develop a new appreciation for nature. Although our programme is both physically and mentally challenging, it is also very inspiring, informative and invigorating. After just a few days you will feel lighter, have a clear head and be equipped with new energy. Some of our guests also lose weight as a by-product of the program, but this is not a priority.


Rain or shine, part of the programme will take place outdoors. Connect with nature, breathe deeply and enjoy what our beautiful landscape on Lake Garda has to offer.

Regain your



We strongly believe in healthy, sustainable and balanced nutrition, which doesn't mean diets and starvation. Our meal plan for the 4 days is free of refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and meat. But we don't want to say that you should never consume these things again, because what could be nicer and more communicative than sitting together with friends in the evening with a glass of wine and a plate of pasta. We simply take a break for a few days from certain things that are harmful in the long term and in excess.


We lay the foundation for your time after your visit with us. With a refreshing mix of fresh fruits and Mediterranean vegetables, nutrient-rich juices and much more, we ensure that you feel energetic and fit all day long.


Since we know that not everyone has the same goals and needs when it comes to nutrition, we would be happy to work with you to develop a personal nutrition plan (nutrition advice) that you can then continue to work with at home. You can request further information about this via email.

Gesunde Ernährung in Ca'Sander Energy Reset


Dates for our next retreats in 2024 will be announced soon.

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